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Flotsam & Jetsam

Updated: May 30, 2018

After some years out the Anderson is going back into Petal Anderson and I’m excited to be working once more with my lovely twin Jill.

We bounce ideas off one another; these ideas energise and snowball so I think the most difficult part will be reigning ourselves in!

Jill’s previous themes have followed a heritage route, supporting weavers on Harris, keeping shape and form organic. Taking this as a starting point I have looked at what inspires me. I am fortunate enough to live between the beautiful Suffolk coast and Waveney Valley with its low landscape overwhelmed by Easterly skies and edged by the ever changing coastline. The coastline has a magnetic pull: from the wild steel grey sea in Winter, the squawk of gulls, to the spiritual calm of lapping waves in Summer, the shrill of laughter and the ubiquitous “it’s freezing!” as swimmers take their first plunge. Regardless of season I love walking along the shoreline beach-combing. I collect all manner of objects: hag stones and shells, driftwood sandblasted and sculpted by the tides, bits of plastic, tin, rope and wire, the inevitable nurdle. Flotsam and Jetsam, marine debris, plastic pollution, whatever you wish to call it, is the scourge of our coastlines and I’d somehow like to incorporate this environmental awareness and our attitude to waste, into our work. There is an ethereal beauty to our beaches: the oyster shell skies of early morning to the unrelenting pounding power of waves in a storm, but this beauty is a fragile one, one that needs our protection. I’ve been experimenting with discarded, non-recyclable elements alongside natural objects and this is something I hope will evolve and integrate with Jill’s work.

Jenny x

Woven natural & manmade elements of beach-combing finds...

Walking the Suffolk shoreline...

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