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Stitching a new route

For the past few years I have loved twisting and pleating Harris Tweeds into quirky bags with twirling corsages, appliquéd birds, flowers, buttons... but now I am taking a slight detour, adding embroidered flora and fauna, resin pin badges, waxed cottons, maps, deckchair stripes, postcards... all still reflecting the diverse landscape and history of the British Isles.

Bumble bees will rest against the herringbone, Blue Tits sit upon a pin-tucked branch and petals made from maps will blossom on a taupe wax cotton. My twin sister, Jenny, is joining me on this journey. It will be lovely to be working together again!

Early days and still sketching and embroidering and mixing the past with the present, but excited to move forward into the future....

Jill x

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Kathryn Warren
Kathryn Warren

Good Luck to you both, enjoy working together again Jill & Jenny. XX

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